Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Love Organization

I should have made a career of it (but I didn't).

So a couple of nights ago, as if I didn't have enough projects going on, I decided to finish cutting the fabric for the Amish With a Twist II quilt kit that the hubs got me for Christmas last year (or was it the year before?).  A big incentive for this was the fact that I saw a photo of Amish With a Twist III and thought that it would make a nice addition to this year's Christmas list but knew that the hubs would have plenty to say about that if I hadn't finished the previous quilt (yes, he's saavy enough to keep track---he's still asking about why I never finished the Gees' Bend quilt kit he bought for me the first year I started quilting (2009.....I didn't really like the colors in the kit he picked for me).

 Well, we were able to take this Post It off the board this evening.

End result:  A basket full of Ziploc bags that contain the pieces and patterns for each block of this quilt.

Made easy by the fact that the day after Christmas I pulled a little memo book out of the desk (doesn't everyone have a supply of little memo books in their desks?)  and went through all the fabric, identified which fabric was which color, and made notes as to what needed to be cut from each color for which block.  Then I grabbed a box of Ziplocs (I'm a Costco shopper), labeled one for each block, and started cutting and sorting.  Because it wasn't easy identifying the colors in the kit (I blame Hancock Fabrics for being a bit lax on that front), I made sure that I used a glue stick and glued a swatch onto each page so that I had a color reference for later.

 Now, if you have a kit for this quilt from Hancocks of Paducah (or anywhere), that uses the dark blue background, and you haven't started on it yet....message me.  When I am done with my quilt, I am more than happy to send you my notebook to make it as easy for you to cut as it was for me.

Right now, I'm ready to start sewing blocks.  Yeah, yeah, yeah....I've got the surprise quilt. I've got the orange peel rows to sew together.  I've got the Halloween quilt.  Jingle is just waiting for someone to step up and volunteer to miter those damn borders for me, there's a QOV, a mystery, a Christmas runner and an early BOM hanging on a rack waiting for backs.....whatever.

The only thing holding me back is:  WHICH COLOR THREAD???????  Should I use white?  (There's a lot of dark colors)....or grey (there's also a lot of light colors).   Decisions, decisions.

But as far as organization goes....wouldn't I make a hell of a Doomsday Prepper? (ha ha, if I were so inclined).....
....or maybe not.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

10 Years After Katrina

On this 10th anniversary of Katrina's devastation of the City of New Orleans, the Washington Post has been running a series of daily essays related to the City, the storm and it's aftermath. Monday's article was about a lone guy in a boat who just motored around in a PTSD fog trying to convince people to leave. He was responsible for the single-handed rescue of hundreds of residents and his boat is now in a museum.

Tuesday's essay was written by a journalist who was a teenager at the time, whose mother wanted him to skip a party and evacuate to the Superdome. He wasn't having that, and when he couldn't reach his father to go stay with him, he wound up staying at a relative's house playing video games, which was much cooler than what his mother had in mind.  His father showed up just before the storm hit and loaded him in the car and headed off to Mississippi.  He never saw his mother again.  They found her in November, when the water receded, face down in the front hallway of her home. She never made it to the Superdome.

The stories of survival are disturbing and enlightening all at once. And so are the stories of restoration.  So many left their homes, having lost everything, with no intention to return.  And so many that returned, did so to find their City unfamiliar, their homes lost to gentrification. 

I think I need to take a trip to The Big Easy ...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Off On Various Tangents -- Surprises and Other Projects

No Rest for the Wicked......Idle Hands, Idle Minds.....never let it be said that I have nothing to do. While I may sit around acting like I have nothing to do, pay me no mind, that's a ruse to go out shopping (for more fabric).

This is just my partial list of more or less 'immediate projects at hand'.  Good Lord, I'd need an entire wall full of  PostIt Notes to list all of the projects I've started or have patterns or fabric or craft supplies for. No, that list is just me being 'realistic' (ha ha ha ha ha ha).

And not on that list we have

the SURPRISE project. Two weeks in, and I can tell you it's a finished quilt top. But that's all I can tell you. It'll be a while before this one makes a public appearance, but it will also be a finished quilt by the weekend.

My....considering the unfinished quilts in the studio, this one must be something special. (wink)